4 Things That Will Make Me Use Your Restaurant’s Mobile App

  The costliest piece of real estate in the world today is the 1sq cm that an app icon occupies on your phone.   So, if you want to get your app to reside on your customer’s phone, you better be ready to spend 100s of thousands of dollars in marketing and promotions. This would still not guarantee that customers will not uninstall after the promotions end or stop using it after the first couple of times. If you don’t want to drop millions of dollars in the trash, you should rethink your mobile app strategy. Building a good-looking app is the easiest part. Adding an ordering capability is not going to help much, because every one of your competitors is doing the same. This is not a unique value proposition by itself. First, we could learn from personal experiences. We have the 30 odd apps on our phones, which ones do we use regularly and why? If any app doesn’t help make my life easier then it quickly gets deleted or pushed to the fourth screen on my iPhone, and rarely gets used. Second, it should have an emotional connection with the user. It may seem frivolous but how great is it when your brand becomes a verb – ‘let’s Venmo’ or ‘I will Uber’? This should be divine music to brand managers. Now, back to your restaurant app, what can you do to make your customer’s life better? Make the mundane activities of choosing the afternoon office meal easier? Save money when ordering the regular? Help them maintain their diet of the month? Here is my list of what I would love to see on a restaurant app:
  1. Ability to look at the menu, and learn more about the food – ingredients, source, calories, reviews.
  2. Hot selling items, what’s new at the store I frequent – so I can try something new and exciting.
  3. Promotions that are exclusive for me – Can they treat me as special customer? Miss me and know me when I reserve a table or enter the store?
  4. Inform me of my loyalty points – If I know how many points I have and when I can redeem for a free beverage or meal; I am more likely to visit the restaurant.
I can go on and on, but simply put, your mobile app is not about the code or the design it should only be about the experience you deliver. The most innovative brands personalize content and promotions .They have gained great insights into what drives success with mobility and guest marketing. The big question is, have you?

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Author- Sanjay Kupae

Sanjay Kupae
Sanjay Kupae is Sr. Product Marketing Manager – Customer Analytics at Manthan. Sanjay is an analytics enthusiast, focused promoting structured and unstructured analytics solutions that help businesses understand and engage their customers better. Sanjay is passionate about marketing strategy, business development, messaging, marketing analytics and multi-channel campaign execution. Sanjay has a BE in Electronics and Communication from Bangalore University and a MBA in Strategy from University of Nebraska, Lincoln. Follow Sanjay on Twitter @skupae

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