Webinar:The 4 Marketing Skills You Need to Survive

The 4 Marketing Skills

Today’s marketer needs to be savvier than ever to succeed. The power now rests in the hands of the discerning consumer – who can view, on-demand, any detail related to the four P’s. That is, a consumer can access information on your (and your competitor’s) – product, pricing, promotions and places,right now. Competing on price isn’t an option for most businesses today. Sustainable competitive advantage now rests in the marketer’s to meet the demands of the customer – and delight her with a positive brand experience. Watch this webinar, hosted by Manthan’s Head of Customer Analytics Hillary Ashton, to learn how to cultivate the right marketing skills to connect with the modern consumer. You’ll learn:
  • How to build an agile marketing organization
  • How to approach 1-to-1 marketing
  • How to use marketing measurement to evaluate the customer journey
  • How to use marketing analytics to deliver customer insights to your business
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Author- Joanna Beerman

Joanna Beerman
Joanna Beerman is Director of Customer Analytics at Manthan. In this role, she uses her previous experience in marketing and business development in the technology and retail industries to provide strategic and tactical support of Manthan’s analytical solutions and services to support marketers worldwide. A “pragmatic marketer,” proficient in synthesizing market insights and company strengths to develop and deliver compelling messaging, Joanna is passionate about branding, marketing optimization and the customer’s path-to-purchase. She has a BA in Psychology from University of California Santa Barbara and a MBA with a marketing emphasis from Pepperdine University. Linkedin

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