Gartner’s 2018 Hype Cycle for Retail Technologies. What you need to know.

Gartner’s Hype Cycle for Retail Technologies 2018 is out, with trends for technology leaders. This year, the Hype Cycle has identified democratized AI as a key trend – products and solutions that “blur the lines between human and machine”.

We are pleased that Manthan has found mention in 5 categories in the 2018 Hype Cycle.

  1. AI in Retail (Rating: Transformational)
  2. Algorithmic Retailing (Transformational)
  3. Cognitive Expert Advisors (High)
  4. Customer-Centric Merchandising and Marketing (High)
  5. Algorithmic Merchandise Optimization (High)

These ratings are a testament of invention and innovation in Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Analytics, and Cloud at Manthan. And a vision, to create context-aware, AI-powered analytics products that bring the true power of AI to every role in your business.

Manthan’s efforts have been focussed on bringing analytics-driven decision-making to the real user. To design sophisticated analytics products in a manner that everyone can use them. Which we believe, is critical to the businesses dealing with the real-time, connected customer.

We architected our products by re-interpreting 4 critical areas – Analytics Consumption, Algorithmic Processing, Solution Engineering and Data Management.

1. Re-interpreting Analytics Consumption

Our primary goal, as Gartner puts it, is to “blur the lines between human and machine”. This is what led to the creation of Maya – the world’s first AI-powered conversational agent for business analytics.

With this, analytics becomes easy to consume. In a simple, conversational format that remembers context and processes information in real time, based on the user’s intent and his flow of analysis. Maya is integrated with mobile, desktop and personal assistant devices and can be invoked anytime. It offers both general and role-based models for analytics consumers.

Maya makes use of machine learning, deep learning, advanced analytics, cloud computing, natural language processing (NLP) and generation (NLG), intent analysis and context-aware computing. But all you need to do is ask.

2. Re-interpreting Algorithmic Processing

Today’s digital business is generating millions of data points, across sources, every day. Taking traditional hierarchical approaches to analyze data is just not physically viable. Your solution should be able to conduct auto-discoveries, root-cause analyses, and auto-recommend best outcomes, based on simulations.

Manthan’s analytics platform algorithmically processes anomalies, outliers, and exceptions to recommend actions that can achieve clear, smart goals.

3. Re-interpreting Solution Engineering

As analytics processing becomes complex, analytics experience needs to become intuitive. Solutions need to be designed for the real decision makers and should embed real business contexts.

Manthan’s solutions are designed to bring together advanced analytics and algorithmic capabilities for specific use cases across retail. Our solutions also come with the ability to scale and to incorporate new use cases.

4. Re-interpreting Data Management

The digital business generates much more data than the traditional one, with new data sources emerging all the time. While some of this data drives repeatable use cases built around standard business processes, you also cannot lose sight of new use cases that elevate the customer experience.

Manthan offers a full-featured data management platform that can deliver production-grade enterprise analytics in a governed model. But at the same time, it also drives rapid experimentation and innovation with an architecture that can ingest and mash new data sources at scale in a data lake architecture. This supports on-demand data-processing, giving businesses real-time decision-making abilities.

We have what you need.

We have re-interpreted analytics delivery with AI. And an elastic cloud infrastructure and server-less computing capabilities provide the necessary performance and agility you need from a new age data a platform that can deliver real-time decision-making.

Tomorrow’s technology does not require a screen in front of you. Or you in front of a screen. It will walk with you, whispering real-time recommendations in your ear, based on intense, granular analysis.

That’s truly democratized AI. And that’s what we have for you, today.

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Author- Ajith Nayar

Ajith Nayar
As a marketer, I’ve keenly watched the retail and consumer trends for a couple decades. But never has it been more exciting than now. Because everything we used to know about shopping is changing, and fast. As consumers, it’s great to be at the center of this technology-led evolution, because it’s unfolding in our everyday lives. I’m happy to share my views on related trends and issues. You’ll see me writing on the digitally empowered consumer, shopper behavior and marketing, consumerization of retail, internet of things, analytics technologies, cloud computing and digital marketing. Presently, I’m Director of Marketing at Manthan, a cloud analytics and big data solutions provider, focused on consumer industries. I’d love to hear and learn from your thoughts and experiences too, so please write to me at Google+ Profile

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