Fair Price & Importance of Customer Location

The location has always been an important factor in retail. It is gaining an all new meaning with retailers detecting customer location inside the store and offering range of services to make their trip more enjoyable and engaging. Largest supermarket in Singapore is working on an innovative indoor positioning system which can detect customer location within a store. Indoor positioning will enable the retailer to enhance the shopping experience with wayfinding capabilities and in-store promotions delivered in real time on customer mobile phones.  Customers can receive optimized in-store directions to products saved in their shopping list, receive contextual & location-based personalized notifications making customers aware of best details exclusively available for them. For long, online retailers have been at an advantage of knowing their customer’s journey and being able to offer personalized experience along their path to purchase.  In-store positioning promises to bring Brick and mortar retailers at par with online retailers. The technology seamlessly integrates mobile apps and physical stores to deliver a personalized experience to customers currently restricted to only the online channels. For a detailed understanding of this deployment, download this case study For a quick overview download this Datasheet If you are interested in a 15 min. discovery call with Manthan, do write to us at online.enquiries@manthan.com

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Author- Ajith Nayar

Ajith Nayar
As a marketer, I’ve keenly watched the retail and consumer trends for a couple decades. But never has it been more exciting than now. Because everything we used to know about shopping is changing, and fast. As consumers, it’s great to be at the center of this technology-led evolution, because it’s unfolding in our everyday lives. I’m happy to share my views on related trends and issues. You’ll see me writing on the digitally empowered consumer, shopper behavior and marketing, consumerization of retail, internet of things, analytics technologies, cloud computing and digital marketing. Presently, I’m Director of Marketing at Manthan, a cloud analytics and big data solutions provider, focused on consumer industries. I’d love to hear and learn from your thoughts and experiences too, so please write to me at ajith.nayar@manthan.com. Google+ Profile

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