Manthan and Computer World Partnership in MEA – An interview

Samantha: We have been reading about the Manthan and Computer World Partnership in a lot of places, can you tell us what this partnership brings to the market? Ehtesham: Retailers in MEA need the right industry focused analytics solution to face the current business challenges and operate profitably. And key to this is the mining of insights within their data. Its appropriately said these days, that Data is the new Oil! Manthan Analytics solutions are purpose built, industry focused, aggressively priced and quick to deploy. And through our partnership with Computer World, we intend to leverage the extensive reach of our partner, to bring our award-winning solution set to the regional clients in Saudi and Bahrain. Samantha: Can you tell us about the work that Manthan has been doing in MEA in recent times and the opportunity you see here? Ehtesham: Manthan Middle East has seen a phenomenal growth recently of over 65% YoY in revenue, increased clientele count by over four folds and acquired like-minded partners in over 30 regional countries representing us. All this in the so called ‘challenging environment’. A lot of our existing customers are seeing tremendous value from the solutions we have delivered. I recently met with one of our top customers in the region and they wouldn’t stop thanking us for ‘putting their data to work’. I see a lot of retailers in the region still using a standard, run of the mill ‘excel-ytics’ or generic and basic BI solution that does not fit the need of a retail industry. They end up spending a lot more money on acquiring more tools and complementary solutions to make up for the lack of decision enabling insights. But all this can be accomplished with our retail specific solutions and we hope to bring this to MEA, in a big way. Samantha: Final words for a prospect that might be reading this? Ehtesham: Instead of investing in new transactional systems or complicated non-purpose built BI or Analytics applications, you should be leveraging the powerful insights within your own data, and do that quickly, to get/keep your businesses on track. Contact Ehtesham

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Author- Santosh Kumar

Santosh Kumar
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