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Humans of Retail is real. Let’s keep theory aside and meet real retailers to
see how they are going about addressing the challenges of today. Let’s
interact with technologists on how digital transformations can be brought
about in retail.
Here you’ll get to hear real use cases that retailers are deploying,
experimenting and learning from. Pragmatic ideas for times that call for
pragmatic action.

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Quick Service Restaurants seem to have the secret sauce to growth even while the rest of the industry is fighting to survive. They are able to ride the wave and emerge successful. Is…

Join in this session as Lalit Agarwal, Chairman and Managing director at V-Mart shares: - How V-Mart is rethinking fashion in the current scenario and areas of innovation - The concept of value…

Insights and best practices to overcome retail disruption in GCC. Join in this session as Ritesh Mohan (Retail Ritesh), General Manager-Retail sales, Though leader and Prolific writer shares: - Countrywise impact of the…

Praphull Paliwal, Director Technology, McDonald's India (West & South) has over 20 years of experience driving large technology transformation initiatives, building and co-creating products with a strong consumer focus, and executing complex multi-million…

During this crisis, retailers have been working tirelessly to ensure BCP. We interacted with scores of customers to get insights on how each of them is uniquely handling this unprecedented situation. Hear from…

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