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The year 2018: Predictions for Convenience Stores   Santosh Kumar     December 1, 2017  Assortment optimization , C-Store , Customer Analytics , customer experience , Customer Segmentation , Data-Driven Marketing , Merchandise Analytics , Multichannel Marketing , Omnichannel Retail , Personalization , Price Optimization , Single View Of Customer , Supplier Collaboration , Supplier Collaboration in Retail , Supplier Performance , Supply Chain As the convenience stores segment goes through yet another year of evolution, catering to the new 'I need everything personalized' customer is clearly standing out as the biggest differentiator from the competition....


Supplier Collaboration For C-Stores
Fantastic Four Benefits From Supplier Collaboration For C-Stores   Ajith Nayar     November 25, 2014  C-Store , Supplier Collaboration Learn how Retailers and supplier when collaborate to work towards a common goal can optimize and enhance the value out of the supply chain....


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