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Counterpunching AmazonGo   Santosh Kumar     January 30, 2018  Customer Analytics , Instore personalization , Merchandise Analytics , Mobile , Promotions , Real-time Personalization , Target One At the time of writing this article, there were 10M+ views of the video Amazon made to show the world how it's done. There have been millions of shares on Facebook and Linkedin, and the retweets ensured almost half the world has already seen the ‘future of retail’....


Instore Real-time Personalization: Relevant, Contextual and Rewarding Customer Engagement   Amit Rohatgi     February 15, 2017  Blog , Instore personalization , Real-time Personalization , Target One In-store personalization in retail is the ability to identify customers, understand their current context and respond back with highly relevant and personalized recommendations....


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